Thursday is Australian Pets at Work Day. Will you be taking your pet to work?

If you regularly take your pet to work, you are one of the lucky employees. Although there are an estimated 3.6 million Aussie workers who share their workspace with a pet, at least on occasion, the majority of us still don’t get to bring our beloved pooches and pussycats to work with us. That may soon change, as our National Pets at Work Day takes hold.

Pets at work


Listen to Dr Jo talk with Chris Smith on Radio 2GB about Pets at Work Day #petsatwork


There are many benefits from having a pet at work, including:

  • Your pet has your company and the company of other people, maybe even other pets during the day, instead of being home alone
  • You have the company of your pet which helps keep you chilled and happy. Pets help us lower our stress levels and this is often needed at out stressful workplaces. They also act as social catalysts, so everyone at your work will want to meet your pet.
  • Your employer will get a more productive workforce. Yes, there is evidence that employees not only have bigger smiles on their faces when a pet is present, but they also get more work done!

Pets at work

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Pet food company Nestle Purina recently researched pets in the workplace and found that over half of people would definitely take their dog with them to work, if they could. Over a third would take their cat.

Listen to this media interview about Pets at Work with Dr Jo Righetti and Chris Smith, 2GB


Be the cat-alyst for change at your workplace

If you have never thought about it, until now, this might be a good time to get your workplace prepared, if not for this year’s Take Your Pet to Work Day but next year, or even next week. Make it a regular occurrence!

To help get your boss onside and to help prepare your workplace, check out Purina’s Pet-Friendly Office Toolkit.

Let us know if you have ever taken your pet to work. Share on social media with #petsatwork.

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  1. It would be great if I could bring my cat to work! He’s just the sweetest guy, although I have a feeling he’d be all over my keyboard all day!

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