Our guest post is from Emily Parker, from Catalogical, who tells us about her cat adventures. My advice is definitely to start small – the back garden is good. I met a couple once who were permanently touring Australia in their caravan – with their cat! Love that idea!  I’d be interested to know if you have taken your cat on an adventure. Dr Jo

Cat adventures on Dr Jo's Blog

Cat Adventures: Getting Your Cat (and Yourself) Out of the House

by Emily Parker

Looking to take your cat to the great outdoors whenever it warms up? While many cat owners are home dwellers, it’s nice to get out of the house every once in a while, and you can bring your cat with you, too. While we typically think of dogs as the adventurous type, some sociable cats can be just as good of a companion. If your cat qualifies, here are some adventures you can go on, all ranging from local to statewide. Look and see which adventure you’d like to take kitty on.

Cat walk in the parkTake Your Cat to the Park!

If you want to take kitty on an adventure, why not think like a dog owner? Many cat owners are learning that you can walk your cat just like you would a dog. This can allow you to go on a fun little adventure throughout your park!

Start small. Get your cat a collar or a harness suited for cats, and take it on a short walk. Does your cat like it? Good! Keep walking. Does your cat seem nervous? Take a break until you’re ready to try again. Once your cat seems well-adjusted to the outdoors, time to head to the park.

Depending on where you live, your park may have a few nature trails, or a path to walk on. Walk your cat on the course of your choice. Maybe you want a small walk to make it easy, or maybe you want to go on a bigger adventure. Whatever the case, walk kitty down the path, and let it play with everything it sees. Let the cat look at some plants, prance around in the dirt, and if it’s a sociable kitty, see other people. If you see a few dogs who are being walked by the owners, see if the dog is cat friendly. Who knows? Maybe your cat can make a new friend.

After a bit, stop at a bench and get out some yummy cat treats. Reward your kitty for going on an adventure with you, and make sure you give it water, too. Take a look at where else you can go to the park. If there’s a pond nearby, see if your cat likes the water. Maybe it can even catch a fish!

Once your cat’s worn out, it’s time to leave the park. If your cat enjoyed this adventure, take her back more often. If not, try something else.

Road trip with your cat?Go on a Road Trip!

Okay, so maybe your cat won’t be hanging its head out of the car window like a dog would, but a cat can still make one heck of a road trip companion.

First, decide where you want to go. Is there a cat convention a few states over? Do you want your cat to see a national monument? Pick your destination and make plans. Can your cat handle driving long distances? Drive kitty around the block a few times to make sure. Bring the essentials. Some cat food, water, a carrier, some kitty toys, a calming collar if kitty gets too antsy, a first aid kit, a portable litter box and your cat’s records. Once that’s in line, fill up your cat and head out.

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If your cat’s the curious type, it’ll be staring at the window, enjoying the changing scenery. From rolling hills to long forests to the neon lights of the city, it’ll keep the cat well-entertained. If not, the toys you pack will work just as well.

Just as you would stop to take a rest, do so for your cat. At the gas station, give your cat a treat and some water. Let it play with its toys for a bit, or take it out for a walk to sightsee. Once it’s tuckered out, bring it back to the car and continue your trip.

Once it’s time to crash, look for a pet-friendly hotel. Soon, your cat will feel like it’s at home. Continue on your road trip until you reach your destination.

Cat adventuresGo Camping

Both you and your cat originated from the wild, so why not take a camping trip to return to your wild roots? As with the first two ideas, make sure kitty is born to ride in your car. Find a camping spot, too. Are you looking for a traditional campsite with a tent, something with an RV, or something else? Look at your options, but don’t pick just yet! Some places don’t allow pets, and others may charge an extra fee. Do your homework before you set off.

Once you make it to the campgrounds, you two can go on a hike. Make sure to keep kitty supervised at all times! While you hike, let your cat be curious, but just like you wouldn’t eat berries without knowing what they are, don’t let kitty eat something foreign.

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When it’s nightfall, return to your campsite. Start a fire and watch as your cat curls up to you. While you may be tempted to give your cat your hotdog and s’mores, consider cooking some chicken or other plain meat over the campfire instead. As kitty noms on the food, reflect on what a great day it’s been, and get ready for bed.

If you’re in a tent, make sure that the tent is well-sealed. You wouldn’t want your cat to wander off, would you? Once the sun rises, either repeat again, or head back home.

Cat adventures

Other Adventures

Did your cat enjoy those adventures! Awesome. You now have an adventure cat who will love to go out of the house whenever you want. Maybe you two can go on a boat ride, or simply go for a night out in the town. Even though the adventures may be different, follow the same guidelines. Take a break if your cat’s uncomfortable, and make sure to pack the essentials. And confirm if the place you’re going to is pet-friendly. With that said, get out and have fun!


About Emily 

Emily Parker writes about Cat Adventures on Dr Jo's Blog

Emily Parker is the Chief Creative Cat at Catological.com – she spends most of her time writing and reading on all things cat related as a fantastic feline fanatic! You can visit her site www.catological.com for more of her articles.

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  1. My kitten loves trips to the park on her harness and lead – she loves to roam and climb trees (so long as I can climb them too)! When there are too many puppies about though, it’s time to head home!

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