Can’t believe the things pets eat…

Does your pet eat everything? Even inedible items?

can't believe the things pets eat!

I am compiling a list of the weird and wonderful things that pets eat. A  habit known as Pica, it is more common than most pet owners think! Please let me know what your pet has a culinary passion for (leave a comment) and I’ll add it to the list. Here are some of the ones I’ve heard about so far…

Dogs Cats
Sand Wool
Soil Clothing
Poo – dogs & other animals Bread
Rocks & pebbles Jelly lollies
Wood eg. doors, chairs Cucumber
Paper plates phone charger cords
a dictionary
anything by Gucci
pawpaw rind
cigarette butts

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  1. My Poodle/Lhasa mix eats bark chips, paper plates, Kleenex & pieces (ears, legs, etc.) off his toys. He got a book off a shelf & started to eat it too…a dictionary. Someone told me he was just hungry for knowledge…LOL! My Schnauzer also eats Kleenex (the more used the better…YUCK!).

  2. I am owned by 3 Birmans, 2 girls and a boy. I am lucky enough to have my 2 girls, Bonnie and Dream who seem to have this wonderful habit, Pica.

    I am unable to have any knitted products, so no blankets at my place – they have devoured so many items of clothing, they particularly like wool, silk, socks, and tracksuit material. Actually just about any clothing! A pair of my trainers have been used as a snack, of course shoelaces are a big favourite. As mentioned on your list, phone charger cords have been chewed through and Dream has devoured a number of ‘cat cubbies’, but eating the material and then eating the foam. Sigh. If I am not quick enough they eat each others furballs too. Lovely! It certainly adds to their personality, Bonnie can sniff out wool – often diving into a bag or something containing a knitted product.

    Thankfully Elvis is not that way inclined but loves to shred paper.

    As much as it is a real pain, I love them so much I wouldn’t have it any other way. Hopefully I won’t end up with them at the vet to have some obstruction removed, but with their habits, I can probably bet on it at some stage down the track!

  3. When I was younger, a friends sister owned a pit bull. This dog was known to eat anything. It ate a throw rug made of some rope material, and the next day, the dog was straining to poop. His owner noticed that the rope had worked it’s way through the dogs system and the dog could not pass the rope & poop by herself. The owner had to go over and step on the end of the rope and the dog walked away to get the rest out. Around Christmas one year, the dog had done some damage to the tree, as a number of tree items were missing. The dog was taken to the vet out of concern. X-rays revealed an ornament, some hooks and a strand of tree lights! We think the dog was missing a few screws in the ole noggin.

  4. my 2 year old domestic cat loves to eat horlicks. It is a barley drinks and he runs to eat it as soon as i show him the bottle.

  5. We have a 4 year old brother/sister pair of himalayan x cats. He loves eating those supermarket green bags, she loves my fish food flakes, and they both go crazy for prawn chips 🙂

  6. Shufflepuff, when i was growing up, I had a dog who loved prawn crackers too. When he put one in his mouth, he just used to keep it there until it melted and you could hear it ‘crackle’ in there. Funny!

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