Be sure of what your pet eats: SureFeed pet feeder review and giveaway

PLEASE NOTE: This competition has now ended but read on for more into on the SureFeed…

SureFeed pet feeder

  • Do you have to monitor what your pet eats or drinks?
  • Does your pet need to eat a specific diet (eg. prescription or weight-loss diet)?
  • Do you have more than one pet and have to ensure each gets enough food?
  • Do you have a “bully cat” who control the food dish?
  • Do you have to keep your dog out of the cat’s food?
  • Do you struggle to keep pet food fresh in the dish?

Then this device could be the one for you…

surefeed pet feeding device


Trying the SureFeed pet feeder

I was really excited to try the SureFeed pet feeder. At first, I did not think we needed it. Yes, this device would have been invaluable when we had our diabetic cat Leo who was on a special diet and we needed to prevent our other cats, Ginger and Mew from eating his food. Unfortunately, by the time I discovered this pet feeder, we had already said goodbye to Leo.

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I decided to try it anyway. As those of you from multipet households know, when one pet leaves the family dynamics of the other pets change. Ginger, my 11 year old ginger cat (yes we are so original with names!), was recovering from weight loss due to a hyperthyroid condition and was eating and eating and eating some more! This cat who could not have cared less about food was suddenly guarding the food dish, preventing Mew from getting anything to eat. A perfect opportunity for the SureFeed to work its magic.

So we fitted the microchip disc to Mew’s collar. We did this simply to try it out. All my cats are microchipped and the device, once programmed, can recognise your pet’s microchip. (Incidentally, one of the scariest things about this automatic feeder was the rather thick instruction booklet that came with it. One look at that volume and you may be daunted to even begin but once you realise that instructions are provided in several languages, the the task is not do foreboding. A quick start guide, however, would be an added bonus.)

The feeder recognises the approaching cat (in our case Mew) and opens to allow them to feed. Other pets (in our case Ginger and Chilli dog) are excluded.

It did take Mew a little while to get used to it. This was due to 4 separate factors:

  1. We had to locate the feeder in a different area to the cats’ normal food location, due to our lack of space on our benchtops.
  2. There is a slight (one second) delay in the opening of the dish from when Mew approached.
  3. The feeder makes a slight sound when opening.
  4. The overhanging bar appeared to be a little daunting at first.

The reward of food soon overcame any hesitation and Mew quickly learned to feed from it. Ginger quickly learned that he was not going to source any food from this device and now leaves it well alone.

A couple of weeks into this venture, Mew was diagnosed with stage 1 renal failure. She is 16 years old so perhaps not surprising but she now has to be on a special diet. The SureFeed has been such a bonus. Now we know that she is eating her food. Our only difficulty was deciding whether is should actually be Ginger who was using it, instead of Mew (so that she did not consume his normal food). We have kept it for Mew’s use and so far so good. All cats behaving and eating 🙂

SureFeed microchip pet feeder


The company that make SureFeed have given me one SureFeed dish to giveaway. All you need to do is tell me how you would use the SureFeed microchip pet feeder. You can enter in the comments section below. (This giveaway is only available to pet owners located in Australia. Sorry, overseas people.)
Entries close on Wednesday 18th November at 12pm (AEST) and the winners will be notified on this blog. You have until Sat 21st Nov to send me your email address. (If no response is made, another winner will be chosen.) The company will deliver the product to the winner. All questions about the product should be directed to SureFeed. Good luck.

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Note: Dr Jo is not endorsing this product, simply reporting on its usefulness 🙂



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  1. It’s a daily battle to keep Bowen our Labrador away from the cats food…… they both get fed at the same time, and even though I have a slow feed bowl for him, he still finishes before Ellie, the cat, and he has become quite good at sneaking into the study (where Ellie has her food bowl) when she is still eating, he keeps me on my toes and I have to make sure I keep an eye on him so Ellie can eat in peace!

  2. Hi Jo,
    I have been looking everywhere for a product like this!
    I don’t have any other pet’s apart from my Russian Blue (Molly), however I do have a 1 year old nephew who comes over & sticks his fingers in the cat food! (has even put it in his mouth on the odd occasion, but I won’t tell my sister that!)
    This would be really helpful in controlling this problem! 🙂

  3. Hi Jo,
    I have a domestic cat called Apache and he is very obsessed with food, he thinks that every time I enter the kitchen to make a coffee etc for myself that it is his time agin to be fed. I would love one of these feeders to monitor and control exactly what he needs to eat and to control his overeating problem.

  4. Goodbye to pesky ants that swarm on Toto’s dinner. This Surefeed pet feeder would make dinner a surefire winner. Happy cat…happy home.

  5. Hi Jo
    The Surefeed could be for my daughters Cat. We got her from a rescue, she is currently overweight and it’s not easy to get the weight off Olive. Olive also refuses to get into her carrier in fact the last time she needed the vet she travelled in a fruit box instead, it was a lot less traumatic. The entrance of the Surefeed is similar to the carrier so I’m thinking the Surefeed might slow down her eating and help to desensitise Olive to the carrier.
    The Surefeed would also allow Olive to eat next to our dog, they are best of friends but Trinity is a bit partial to Cat food ! A Surefeed for dogs would be excellent too.

  6. Hi Jo,
    We have a gorgeous purebred Cocker Spaniel named Duke. Typical of this breed he is what the vet called ‘a little plump’ and he was also having an intolerance to the food he was eating. He is now on a special biscuit to aid his weight loss and other symptoms. The problem is our two cats Midnight and Shadow and Onyx the rabbit also enjoy these biscuits which are quiet expensive and as the dog only gets 1 cup it is important we keep the others out of his bowl. The Sure Feed would be a huge help in our house.

  7. Our cat Ging(Sook) has been diagnosed with diabetes. It would be great to have something that stops our other cat getting his special prescription diet dry food.

  8. We have two cats, Sinatra the siamese and Remus Lupin the Third – a black domestic BULLY! Really these two are almost like different species. In the kitchen Remus makes Gordon Ramsey look like a pussycat (pardon the pun) our cat stalks you and yells until you serve him yet another meal. If you don’t comply with his demands instantly you and the siamese cop a stealth attack! Now given we don’t enjoy this process we duly feed him to keep the peace, but I confess it is not doing his girth any good and goes against my better judgement of not rewarding bad behaviour. Surely a Sure Feed is a better solution for our family ?

  9. Our Russell is an indoors dog. We encourage him to go outside but he prefers inside. Usually, where we go – he goes. On the odd occasion though, we can’t take him so before we leave we make sure he’s been outside to do his business, then he gets comfy in his bed and spends the day in whilst we go out. We have a doggie door but we have to latch it closed when we go out or we get possums & other wildlife ‘visiting’ throughout the day. Something like this would be extremely handy for when we do go out, as we always have to make sure we are back at in a specific time frame for him to give him dinner etc., as we can’t leave it out as something else will eat it. (We’ve recorded inside antics while we’ve been out & Russell just lets them eat it.) I’m always in a panic to get home to him. This would give me peace of mind knowing he had access to his dinner when we’re not home as I could leave the doggie door open for him to still go out and use the toilet.

  10. Our dog Milo is a food hound. We are constantly thinking up ways to keep him out of the cats food or more precisely, keep the cat food away from him. Currently the cat food is set up in a play pen but it is only a matter of time before he figures out how to get to it. Would love to try one out to see if it it “Milo” proof. 🙂

  11. I have two cats, one being a a ragdoll and another that is a tabby so they on breed specific diets so it would help to feed the cats separately and would keep our labrdoor from eating the food!

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