If you love pets, especially dogs, then you will want to watch Baxter and Me – a dog loving film. Described as ‘One woman’s life, with and without men, but always with dogs’, I asked movie director Gillian Leahy about her relationship with her dog Baxter and the movie.

  1. Baxter is your dog? Can you tell us about him? Breed, age and personality?
    He’s a chocolate Labrador, now 12 but 8 when we started filming – and about 10 when we stopped filming.
  1. Why do you think it matters to humans that our dogs love us?
    It’s because we love them and we want to think they love us back.
  1. Why make a movie about the human-dog relationship?
    Because nearly 40% of Australian households have 1 or more dogs and because, when you stop to think about it, it’s weird that humans live with another species as intimately as we do, in our homes and in our beds. And I wanted to understand why we do- what we get out of it and what dogs get out of it. What is this intimate relationship all about? And how best can we look after our dogs?
  1. What fun things did you find out about dogs (or humans!) in the making of this movie?
    Baxter can repeat a film take at least 6 times and do it perfectly every time. Dogs are funny and kind. Dogs have empathy for other dogs and probably for humans. Dogs don’t like strange silhouettes of people – people with umbrellas or the postman with a backpack or people with big hats.
  1. Do dogs love us?
    I think they do. They look like they do in the way they behave towards their humans – pleased to see them, like to cuddle up to them, want to lick them. But also recent experiments where they scan the brains of dogs show the part of the brain for good emotions lights up when they see a favorite human, just like ours do when we see a loved one.
  1. Anything else that you would like to share?
    Dogs are fabulous to live with. People who don’t have dogs maybe don’t know what they are missing.

Watch the trailer for Baxter and Me here…

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Tickets and Trailer: https://au.demand.film/baxter-and-me/