Barking Mad?

Barking is one of the most common problems with dogs. It annoys dog owners. It annoys dog neighbours! To reduce unwanted barking behaviour, it is important to understand the reason that your dog is barking and address this cause.

Dr Jo recently teamed up with Dave Marcellino of The Pawfessionals to do a series of videos explaining pet behaviours. Here is the first in the series, looking at barking behaviour…

If you would like more information on barking behaviour, Dr Jo’s Pet Problems Solved website has lots. Read more about barking.

Barking Problems Solved is a digital book written by Dr Jo and covers all the main reasons that dogs bark and how you can solve their problem behaviour. Available at Amazon stores for $4 approx. More info here.

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P.S. If you listen carefully, you will hear Chilli dog in the background, not barking, but playing with her toys!

Here’s how I taught Chilli dog to speak (one solution for barking dogs!)…

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    1. As with all barking, look for the cause to find a solution. So possibilities are:
      – have a vet check as a lot ageing dog barking is associated with the onset of dementia. Your vet can help.
      – could it be separation anxiety?
      – could your dog be hearing new environmental sounds, that you may not be aware of. Densensitise to these during the day by recording overnight sounds.
      Make your dog comfortable at night, away from external sounds and where he can be near you.
      Good luck with a quiet night!

      1. Thanks Jo. Yes we have just moved so new sounds and smells etc but this has been going on for years. Separation anxiety yes most certainly when bhubby goes out but does it when he is home too so off to the vet for a check up Thanks for your help

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