I am very proud to announce my new role as Ambassador of Animal Welfare League Australia… 

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Dr Joanne Righetti,
Animal Behaviourist



Australia’s renowned animal behaviourist Dr Joanne Righetti has been appointed Ambassador of Animal Welfare League Australia (AWLA).

Dr Jo will be advocating for the adoption of animals from AWLA-affiliated shelters around the country and promoting AWLA campaigns aimed at strengthening the human-animal bond and positive welfare outcomes for companion animals.

“I am delighted to become an Ambassador for AWLA,” says Dr Jo. “AWLA are at the forefront of Australian animal welfare! Not only are they re-homing pets but they are also involved in programs and policy development that will significantly improve the welfare of animals.”

AWLA is running a number of campaigns and programs, such as the Positive Ageing in the Company of Animals Project, designed to assist aged care providers meet the challenge of supporting the human-animal bond.

“AWLA is taking a united and co-operative approach to improving the lives of unwanted companion animals and their humans. This makes me proud to be an Ambassador for such a great organisation,” says Dr Jo.

AWLA President Grant Robb is thrilled to welcome Dr Jo on board as an AWLA Ambassador.

“Her expertise, energy and commitment to the well-being of companion animals are a perfect fit and we are excited that Dr Jo will be representing us across the country,” he says. “She will help increase awareness and opportunities in a way that will enhance our work both nationally and at state level. As a starting point, Dr Jo will be alerting people to animals who are available for adoption in each state via social media channels each week.”

Dr Jo encourages people to support AWLA by becoming aware of their programs, by considering adopting a pet when they are next ready to share their lives with a companion animal, and by considering a donation, no matter how small, to help AWLA and the various AWL state organisations.

“As an animal behaviourist, like animal welfare organisations I see a lot of negative sides of pet ownership, like misbehaving pets and surrendered animals. Together we can ensure that we aim to make the human-animal bond relationship a positive one,” she says.

You can follow Dr Jo on Facebook “Pet Problems Solved with Dr Jo” or visit her website www.petproblemsolved.com.au.

Media interviews:
Dr Joanne Righetti                                                                  Anne Boxhall, AWLA
M 0414 561 699                                                                      M 0423 924 880
E. drjoanne@petproblemsolved.com.au                                E. aboxhall@awla.com.au
W. www.petproblemsolved.com.au                                       W. www.awla.com.au

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By Caroline Zambrano petjourno@gmail.com

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