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australian pet bloggers

[su_highlight background=”#ddd8d2″]I am keen to find out pet blogs in Australia (and New Zealand).[/su_highlight]

This can be any sort of blog, as long as you are updating it regularly. It may be a stand-along blog or part of your website. It may be on another topic entirely but you like to include pets now and again. It may be a hobby or you may be a professional blogger or have a company that includes a blog.

Once we know who is blogging in Australia (and New Zealand too!)  we can encourage one another and other interested pet owners to read our material and support our efforts. We can also encourage advertisers and sponsors to support us! I get a lot of queries from writers and potential sponsors whom I cannot take but it would be great to pass these along to other bloggers.

Here are some Aussie pet blogger lists already out there:

[su_frame]Please let us know your blog’s name and URL and a little summary of what your blog is about. Let us know if you accept guest posts, product reviews or wish to have sponsorship. Use the comments box below to tell us.[/su_frame]

Thanks and please pass on to any other bloggers that you are aware of.

For the record, this is my blog and it’s official link is

Jo x


  1. Hi Jo,
    I am finally trying to put in place many of the social marketing suggestions which you made when we had lunch years ago. ..including the content creation (initial ) for a blog! ?
    Will let you know more soon. Xxlynn

  2. Hi Jo I have great fun running and writing my Pedadoggy blog ( where I channel my passion for positive dog training. Always looking for great content to write about, Grazia

  3. Hi Jo, I blog as the Middle Aged Mama but I am a crazy cat lady – my own two children have grown up, so I lavish my love on my fur baby, Miss Fleur. We adopted Miss Fleur when she was 1 year old; she is now 2 1/2 and very, very loved! She regularly features on my blog and social media channels.

  4. Hi Jo,
    I am new to the blogging scene and have recently gotten my page up and running. My blog is all about hiking and camping with dogs, pet responsibility in the wilderness and miscellaneous related (and sometimes not so related) topics. My ultimate goal is to immerse myself in the pet blogging world, network with other pet loving folks and eventually I would love this to be something I can do full time. I am very open to guest posts, reviews and sponsorship once I have established myself. You can read about our adventures at
    Thank you for all the wonderful information on your page 🙂
    Mrs. Fourpaws

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