Apps for pets – which are the must have apps?

Just like the rest of us, pets have now joined the age of technology!
Just as it seems there is an app for everything we do, there are now apps for our pets too – to help us with their care, their issues or simply to have fun! Here are a few of my favourite apps…

1. Sound Proof Puppy Training app  sound proof puppy training

This is one of the best apps for pets (not just dogs) who have issues with noise. There are a variety of sounds that you can play back to your pet to gradually desensitise them. There are instructuons given and there is even the ability to record a noise yourself and include that in your training.
This is a must have app for puppy owners, to expose your puppy – or kitten – to common sounds and do so in a positive way. It is also extremely useful for owners of dog with problem behaviours or if you are unsure how your dog will react eg. to a new baby.

There is a minimal cost (A$5) for downloading Sound Proof Puppy Training.

2. Animal Effect app

If you are concerned for the justice of animals in our society, then this app is one you should have.animal effect

“The Animal Effect Platform is the medium through which Animal Social Justice, the largest social justice movement on the planet, can be accelerated. It comprises the Animal Effect Smartphone App which lists animal related events, news and campaigns. Animal Organisations can list their events free on the App as long as they fulfill the conditions of the Five International Freedoms for Animals.”

Animal organisations can list their events on this app and you can monitor which events are happening near you.
Download the Animal Effect app here


3. Family Dog app family dog app

You probably have friends who monitor their runs or even count individual steps with apps that measure movement. This app records your dog walks. Could be useful for those portly pooches or perhaps it just makes you feel better when you can see how far you have walked.

Download Family Dog app here.


4. Dog Pals app dog pals

If you would like to make doggy friends for your sociable canine companion, then this app could be the one you need. You can then find a friend in your area and even message dog sitters from your phone.

Download Dog Pals here


5. Pet first aid apps pet first aid

There are numerous apps for first aid for pets. Some may link to emergency vets in your area. As well as keeping your vets number in your phone, keep a first aid app handy too. You never know when you might need it.

Here are some examples of pet first aid apps…

Pet First Aid App

Pet First Aid App

Pet First Aid app


6. Cat fun apps

My cat Mew just love to play on my ipad! cat fishing2She will play with virtually anything that moves on the screen but it is fun to watch her chase mice or fish around. Not all cats respond to the on-screen images but it is worth giving it a go. But beware – you may never get to use your ipad again!!

Here are some cat apps…

Cat Fishing & Cat Fishing 2

Game for Cats


Your favourite pet apps?

Do you have a favourite app about pets or for your pets? Please share it with us. Or are you a developer of apps and have one that pet owners must have? Again, please let us know.


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