What happens when an unlikely, but inseparable set of best fur-ends decide to tie the knot?

Guest post by Veronica Morland, founder of Sydney Cat Café

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Last December, Sydney’s animal loving community was treated to one of the most unique union ceremonies the world has ever seen. Two star-crossed lovers, Bentley the feline and Charlie the Pomeranian, declared their love with a lavish gathering at the iconic Billich Gallery, with money raised on the day going towards the care of rescue pets.

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As a self-professed crazy cat lady (who may or may not harbour a secret love for puppies), I was thrilled to receive an invitation to this ex-claw-sive event. On the big day, I donned my best set of cat ears and padded up to The Rocks in Sydney’s beautiful harbour foreshore.

After waiting eagerly in front of historic Cadman’s Cottage where the main event was to take place, distinguished furry guests began arriving in style in a motorcade of Bentleys. And the glitz doesn’t end there: with Gamble Breau, star of Real Housewives of Melbourne, chairing as celebrant, and a rumoured budget of over $20,000 for the event, this was sure to be the wedding of the season!

Sure enough, when Bentley the cat arrived at the floral altar, looking very calm for a groom to be (and for a feline in front of a small crowd of guests and media), his glorious white floof was dressed to the nine (lives) in a handsome black tux. The bride, Charlie, was a vision in a designer ivory satin gown studded with beads and rhinestones, and the guests all sang her wedding march as it parted to let her approach in the arms of her be-sequinned human, Christa Billich.

In front of an audience of incredibly well-dressed and coiffed guests (and their humans, too), Charlie and Bentley made their vows, with the kitty-Groom even solemnly promising to give up internet dating on ‘e-Purr-mony’ and ‘Tigger’.

“You may lick the bride!” Gamble announced, and with that, the most unlikely – but we have to admit, most adorable – marriage was complete.

dog and cat wedding

I was ushered along with the other human, cat and dog guests into Billich Gallery for the cute couple’s reception. Amongst the flowing champagne and plentiful hors d’oeurves (some for people, some for pets – careful which ones you reach for!), I spied a portrait of the furry duo created by the artist Charles Billich himself.

Making my way past the grand piano and the wedding singer, I placed my card and a donation in the wishing well; the extravagant nuptials raised money and awareness for Monika’s Doggy Rescue.

Charlie and Bentley’s marriage was such a novel and fun way to spend a day and go a bit crazy for a ‘claws’, but it also served another important purpose – reminding us that no matter if we identify ourselves as ‘dog-people’ or ‘cat-people’, in the end the special connection we have to our pets is something that we all share.

The only thing I am left wondering is which one of them will be in the dog-house when they get the cat-ering bill?!

happy ending

About Veronica

Lawyer by day and self-proclaimed ‘crazy cat lady’ anytime, Veronica Morland is founder of the soon-to-be-launched Sydney Cat Cafe. Veronica is passionate about achieving rescue cat adoptions and loves to create exciting, new experiences to connect humans and felines. You can follow Sydney Cat Cafe on Facebook.

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  1. I too was at Charlie and Bentley’s wedding. My son is Christa’s Pet Photographer (he also filmed the wedding video). I thoroughly enjoyed the day. It was a wonderful event, with an amazing amount raised for Monika’s Doggie Rescue.

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