About Dr Jo

Dr Jo Righetti, Animal Behaviourist, B.Sc.(Hons), PhD, DiplCouns.


Dr Jo is a PhD qualified animal behaviourist,
with 20 years experience in business
Pet Problems Solved.
Dr Jo lives with a dog & 4 cats.


Dr Jo consults with a variety of companies, organisations, governments, vet clinics, universities and media, helping people understand pets.

Speaking, writing & sponsorship

Dr Jo speaks and writes about pets.
Based on the latest scientific research, Jo
communicates in a manner that
pet owners love!

Dr Jo with Earth (one of trio Earth, WInd & Wildfire kittens)

Dr Jo with Chilli

Novempurr – New Feline Health Awareness Month

Dr Jo meets AWL pets with Purina Australia

Dr Jo's fun and informative pet work...

Cruise speaker

For the last 5 years, Dr Jo has been
speaking on P&O cruise ships, both short
and long cruises.
Pets are always popular topics!

Ambassador of Pet Organisations

Dr Jo is an Ambassador to two wonderful
organisations - Assistance Dogs Australia 
& Animal Welfare League Australia.
Please support the hard work they do!

Brand Ambassador

Dr Jo is an Ambassador of Purina Australia,
talking with pet owners, appearing at public
event and writing articles. Dr Jo's pets,
of course, enjoy Nestle Purina food.

Radio show

Dr Jo is Talking Pets on Talking Lifestyle
radio show around Australia. Dr Jo also 
does numerous shows and interviews
about pets for radio and TV.

Educating public

Through local Government, Dr Jo
educates pet owners about living with pets,
at home, in strata and how to solve pet 
behaviour problems.

Private consults

Dr Jo offers private consults with pet owners,
at vet clinics or online. She has also written
a series of pet books, to help understand 
and solve cat & dog behaviour problems.

Do you need help for your business or organisation?

Here's Dr Jo (& Chilli dog) in a couple of recent videos