A Pet’s New Year resolutions

Happy New Year

“O wad some Power the giftie gie us To see oursels as ithers see us!” *
If your pet could dream up New Year’s resolutions, would they go something like this?…
A Pet’s New Year’s Resolutions A Pet Owner’s New Year’s Resolutions
I will be fed on demand. Ad lib. Freely available. At all times. NOW I will stick to a healthy diet. I will lose weight. My pet will lose weight too.
I will wake up early each morning and join in the dawn chorus. I will walk every day. I will decide when to walk, not my dog.
The neighbours shall not upset me. The neighbours shall not upset me.
I will be friends with all furry family members. I will not bully <<insert other species>>. I will set aside time for friendships. My pets do not need my every waking moment devoted to them.
No new family members please (see above). Time for another furry family member.

What would your pet’s New Year’s resolution be?

* Robert Burns – To a Louse (on seeing a  louse on a lady’s bonnet at church 1786. Translation: How powerful it would be to be given the gift of seeing ourselves as other people see us.

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  1. Bella: destroy our sleeping patterns to get her night time license again. Asha: no more visits to the vet EVER.

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