5 Things Every Pet Owner Should Think About Before a Holiday

Going on holiday is the highlight of most people’s year, but what about the pets who get left behind while you’re off on your adventures? Rather than leaving your furry friends to fend for themselves, you can instead elect to bring them along for the ride.

We’re going to take a look at five things every pet owner should think about before a holiday. Bear these factors in mind when planning your next adventure. 

  1. Settle your pet
    Just like with any aspect of rearing a pet, you shouldn’t throw them immediately in at the deep end. Take the time to accustom your cat, dog or other animal to the idea of travelling.
    Introduce them to the type of carrying device they’re likely to be moving in (maybe try and tempt them to use it as a bed to help associate it as a safe environment), and once in your holiday locale ensure to ease them into the change of scenery.
    Park Resorts suggest laying out lots of toys or items of theirs for them to instantly feel at home once they get there. 

  1. Make a list of crucial items
    Just like with a human, a pet needs to take several important items with them in order to have an enjoyable experience on their vacation. How Stuff Works provide a list of items which are sure to make travelling with pets that little bit easier.
    Some of the most important include:
  • Portable litter boxes
  • Seat covers
  • Toys and snacks to keep them happy

Other more conventional items like leads are naturally also a must – for any animal which could dash off at any moment, not just dogs. This is primarily important in residential areas rather than rural ones.

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  1. Consult the vet
    Chat to the vet about the medical condition of your animal before you travel. The last thing you’ll want to do is take the risk of something going wrong with them before you head out on your adventures.
    CTI state that any dog who’s 12 years or older, or pregnant, has to have a medical certificate from their vet prior to heading out. Without this, they may not even be allowed on flights.


  1. Keep to routine
    If you have a set routine at home, it’d make sense to stick to this as closely as possible when you travel with your animals. Just as with a child, a pet gets very used to certain things happening at a set time – both mentally and physically.
    Make things as easy for them as possible by sticking to the usual daily activities they experience. Taking a trip to a foreign destination is already stress enough, without factoring in the loss of their regular 2pm treat, for example.

5. Make the destination tailored to them
There’s no point taking your pets on a trip where the final destination is going to make them feel very uncomfortable – or face them to stay indoors at all times. While you don’t have to head somewhere which caters to pets alone, you can definitely find places where animals will feel more naturally at home.

Have these thoughts crossed your mind when it comes to taking your pets on holiday with you? Think about these factors when you next elect to travel with the little ones.

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