Fish are relaxing creatures but can they have fun? Ruby Smith helps us understand how we can play with fish and so improve their lives…

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Fish are fun pets. Ok, you can’t pet them or give them a cuddle. But it’s not fair to compare a fish to a cat or dog. A fish is a fish, and we should celebrate that.They are incredibly beautiful creatures. You can have fun just by watching them.

Here are the five best ways to relax with your betta fish.

#1 Use Betta Balls
When looking for different ways to relax with your betta fish, consider toys like betta balls. You will love watching your fish push the balls around inside the betta fish tank. On top of that, they have a natural living moss design. This means more beauty and greenery to look at and soothe the senses.

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#2 Place a Floating Betta Exercise Mirror in the Tank
Of all the five best ways to relax with your betta fish, the floating exercise mirror is the most fun. Since betta fish don’t get along with other betta fish, the mirror can be a great way for them to swim around all day. This will keep the fish busy, and you’ll have a good time just watching it.
But please don’t place the mirror inside the betta fish tank for more than five minutes each time. And do that only twice a day. You don’t want your fish to get stressed out!

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#3 Play with a Floating Betta Log
A floating log for betta fish is nothing but an original driftwood piece that your fish will have tons of fun with. Betta fish tend to hide and swim in tight spaces. And it’s not only fun but also relaxing to watch your fish do this inside the tank.

#4 Get a Betta Fish Bed
If you have betta fish, then you know how they love to stay at the top of the betta fish tank. The reason for such behavior is unknown, but they seem to like it a lot. So how about buying a betta fish bed that looks like a beautiful leaf? In fact, it is a natural, waterproof leaf.
To make things better, it releases tannins. These components are considered to be healthy for betta fish. All you have to do is place them inside the aquarium and watch your beautiful betta fish relax.

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#5 Buy a Natural Coco Hut
How to make your betta fish stronger? By playing all sorts of games with it. The natural coco hut is a toy that your fish can turn into a hiding place. In here, it can relax and play around. And such activity is fun to watch, isn’t it? You can spend hours just looking at your betta fish have a good time inside the aquarium.

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So these are the five best ways to relax with your betta fish. The goal is to make sure that your fish is getting enough exercise inside the tank. Just remember not to overdo anything as that might cause unnecessary stress to the fish.
Even though you can’t indulge in the game of “Go Fetch!” with fish, there are many other fun activities that you can work with. Betta fish are beautiful creatures, aren’t they? And just by watching them swim around, you can have a peaceful and relaxing moment.

What color and how old is your betta fish? And do you play any games with it?
Please feel free to leave your feedback in the comments section below. I would love to hear stories about your betta fish.




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