Ever heard of 3D printing? Technology is moving so fast these days, it’s hard to keep up! We do need to look at the ways that tech can benefit our pets and of course ourselves, as pet lovers. Marco Saleh of Sentimental 3D Studios has outlined the ways that 3D printing is helping our pets… 

3D printing is the way of the future, there is no denying the incredible amount of growth, investment and technological breakthroughs being made in the field each and every day. Here are 4 ways in which this revolution in manufacturing is giving the power of unlimited customisation to everyday people and how pet owners can use it to their advantage.

  1. 3D portraits
    We all love our pets, but equally true to that statement is the fact that at some point or another we must sadly bid them farewell. Usually around this time we start to think of how we could have paid them more attention and how special they were to us. Photos help but we still miss them; 3D printing now gives you the power to capture and recreate your pets in the most powerful way possible to be remembered for a lifetime and provide that closure once they are gone. You can have them as part of a 3D family portrait or printed on their own. You can truly hold onto your pets forever & immortalise their unconditional love with the breakthrough technology of 3D photography. In addition, you can also get a 3D print of your pet even if they have already gone to pet heaven just from a photo.

2. 3D printed pet prosthetics
With the use of modern 3D scanning and printing, the first and most practical use is the ability to create custom prosthetics for pets. 3D scanners work in a variety of ways, from scattering light, to measuring reflected infrared beams, we can even 3D scan using our smart phones. With this we are able to capture the exact mould needed for a lost leg or beak and custom 3D print a prosthetic to fit perfectly into the lost limb to recuperate lost mobility & functionality back to our furry friends

3. 3D printed CT scans
When a pet gets injured or is taken to a vet, oftentimes the family have no idea what has happened for their pet to be in this predicament. More to the point, the treating doctor must use these scans to determine if surgery is required, and if so how intensive. With the ability to 3D print a model from CT scans and X-rays, treating doctors can now make a more informed judgement about what type of surgery will be required, if any, and better explain the scenario to the pet owners. In addition to this it may provide a better viewpoint on what caused the injury in the first place to prevent it happening again.

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4. 3D printed toys & accessories
Along with all the serious and incredibly beneficial uses for 3D printing, there is also a fun side to it. The ability to create anything you can think of in almost any material is a really exciting thing for you and your pets. You could create fun costumes like armour for your cat, or you could print out a perfect bone for your dog. But it doesn’t end there, you could even replicate current toys that you already have by 3D scanning them and getting them 3D printed. Other uses for more practical products may be 3D printing a food bowl, litter box or back scratcher. The possibilities really are endless.

3D printing is a marvel that will continue to shake up the way we live our lives everyday, & as pet owners we can rest assured that there will constantly be improvements that will enhance the health, comfort and happiness for us & our furry friends.

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