13 Things that your cat hates you do

We welcome blog contributions from pet lovers and here Emily, from Your Cat, lets us know her thoughts on what cats dislike and, of course, how we can treat our cats well, so they love us more. Let us know if you agree and your cat hates these.

Don’t we all love cats? They provide us with love, affection and make the world a better place to live in. They make our lives full of surprises, hugs, and cuddles. We want to pet them all day and play with them all the time.

However there are certain behaviors that a cat doesn’t necessarily enjoy. This article is for you if you are a newbie in this field, and because we know that you love your cat, and you want to understand her better, we made this guide of 13 things that your cat hates you do.

1-Dressing them up:
I completely agree that cats look even cuter when they are all dolled up. However, trust me; your cat is definitely not enjoying it as much as you are. The clothing unnaturally restrains their movement. It is strange to their little bodies and it makes them confused. It is, however, one of the most common mistakes that an owner would do to his cat. Spare them the trouble, love them for who they are. No matter which breed she is, your cat will be grateful and love you even more

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2- Scaring Them:
Your cat doesn’t like to be scared, pranking your cat and laugh at her will make her face trust issues. For her, you’re a shield, a symbol of comfort and security, and she deeply loves you. Why would you want to ruin your image?

3-The jingling collars
Throughout history, cats were always known to be sly and extremely graceful. They appear out of nowhere without noise, and they disappear in the same way. The noisy collar will blow their cover, and reduce a lot of their fascinating charm. Free your cat from the color; she’ll be really grateful for that gesture.

Your cat may not like a noisy collar but it is important to have ID on your cat: Check regulations where you live

4- Not giving them attention
Cats are very sensitive creatures, they might be self-sufficient but they are also extremely territorial. They like being pet and have their owners’ attention.
Not giving them attention will get them feeling lonely and depressed. Having a cat is having a second girlfriend, keep that in mind!

5- Car rides
Cat rides are the perfect combination of all what cats hate, starting from the anxiety, the motion sickness, the noises, to the extreme confusion that a cat must be experiencing.
Of course, sometimes car rides are necessary, there is no way to avoid them. In that case, you can talk to your vet about how to make a ride more enjoyable to your cat.

6- Loud noises
The perfect way to get your cat go into hiding is to make a big commotion, with big noises. By nature cats are secretive and reserved. Big noises give them the desire to retreat and hide

7-Interrupt their cat naps:
Now, this is a deadly mistake. Cats love their beauty sleep it is crucial for them. If a misbehaving Human wakes them up, not only they had just made themselves officially their sword enemies but they probably have to handle the cat instant anger and resentment

8-Ignore their eating habits
Cats are hard creatures to please, they have different tastes and they are extremely finicky with their eating habits, you might have to struggle a little bit to find the perfect combination for your cat. But when you do, you can rest will have the happiest pet on earth

9- Pet them aggressively
Gentle, that’s what cats like. Even the most playful breeds like to be treated kindly,  Don’t be hard when petting them; they are extremely sensitive species especially to tactile stimuli. Give them warm cuddles, and affection head pets while making sure that you are not overdoing it.

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10- Not cleaning their litter boxes
Cats are extremely clean creatures, they also have a sense of smell which is 11 times stronger than humans they don’t like smelly or dirty places.
In their tidy lifestyle, there is no place for unclean litter boxes. Therefore they might search for an alternative place to relieve themselves if their litters are unclean

11- Giving them Old, Dried out Or Spoiled Food
Cats are really sensitive to smell, Old, dried or spoiled food will immediately get your cat in a bad mood. Any canned food that sites out for more than 20 minutes should be thrown away. Spoiled food can introduce toxins to your cat’s body

12- Making them Pose for a photo:
Cats are famous for doing things on their own terms. And posing for a family photo is not really what they would call enjoyable. But good news! Cats love attention. Just make her the queen of the picture and you’ll be able to capture a precious moment

13- Having another pet

Cats will consider any other pet as a territory competitor, unless they are relatives or they have been housemates for a long time. Cats visualize any other felines as a competitor that needs to be defeated. Just know that it will be a war at your house.

Note from Dr Jo
Cats can get along well in multi-cat households or with other pets, as long as they are carefully introduced. These points are made as discussion points and while some cats dislike them, others may not be worried by them. Each cat is an individual and we love them for it!

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