12 Pets of Christmas

Animal Welfare League Australia (AWLA) and Purina Australia have joined together this Christmas to help animals needing homes. Take a look…

How cute! But, of course, you have to be sure that you really can look after a pet before you adopt. If you are considering a new four-legged friend this festive season, a few tips are below, plus the entire media release about the 12 pets of Christmas…


Paws to think about purchase this Christmas

Twelve of Animal Welfare League Australia’s (AWLA) cutest shelter animals are the stars of a special Purina Christmas video that encourages Aussies to consider responsible adoption of a dog or cat from an AWLA-affiliated rehoming centre or rescue group this festive season.

AWLA’s rehoming centres and rescue groups care for thousands of dogs and cats across the nation every year, with more than 900 currently listed as ready for adoption to a new forever home.

AWLA puppies Dallas, Phoenix and Denver on set for the filming of 12 Pets of Christmas.

12 days of Xmas pets

“The festive season is a busy time for animal shelters. We see an increased interest in adoption, which is great, but we are also extremely careful to ensure that people are being properly matched with pets for the long term”, said Stuart Gillies, Interim Executive Officer at the AWLA. “The 12 Pets of Christmas video is our way of showing the adorable dogs and cats waiting to be adopted, highlighting the joy they bring and to remind people that the best animal purchase is a considered one.”

All animals sold through AWLA are personality profiled (including behavioural testing), de-sexed, microchipped, flea and worm treated, vaccinated and have a full health check. AWLA sell both mixed and purebred dogs and cats, aged from puppies and kittens through to senior animals.

“We partner with AWLA because we want to see all animals find a loving home and we want to challenge the stigma that shelter animals are somehow broken,” said Lal Meyer, Purina’s Country Business Manager. “In reality, animals at Animal Welfare League Australia shelters undergo behavioural training and are properly looked after by the staff and volunteers.”

“We use a multi-faceted approach in our socialisation and rehabilitation training to ensure each animal is given every chance of finding a forever home”, said AWL NSW Senior Animal Behaviourist Rosalie Horton. “As a result, the animals would make perfect companions this Christmas (even if they might accidentally knock over the Chrissie tree!).”

A local study found that 63% of Australian households are home to companion animals, and of those surveyed who don’t currently have a companion animal, 59% would like to purchase one*.

Veterinarian and Purina and AWL NSW Ambassador Dr Lisa Chimes (Bondi Vet, Dr Lisa To The Rescue) noted; “there really is nothing like the love of a pet – it’s unconditional, effortless and so rewarding. We are lucky to have AWLA because they not only care for these animals awaiting adoption, but are an incredible resource to prospective pet owners to get advice on the best animal to suit each individual family. The Christmas holiday period is also a great time to get a pet because generally people are on holidays, so they have more time to do that intense initial period of training and familiarisation.”
To consider adopting or fostering an AWLA animal visit awla.com.au

12 pets of xmas



  • Research the type of dog or cat that is best suited for you and your family considering things like activity levels and size. AWLA shelters have trained staff on hand to provide advice on which animal best suits each household. Everyone in the family should come to meet the prospective four-legged friend including existing family dogs if applicable.
  • A pet should never be an impulse decision or given as a surprise gift. Unfortunately, despite good intentions, animals purchased in this manner can end up being surrendered to shelters.
  • Included in the cost of adopting an animal from AWLA is that each are vet-checked, de-sexed, microchipped, flea and worm treated and vaccinated.
  • Register your new dog or cat with your local council.



AWLA is a national non-profit organisation caring for companion animals across Australia. The organisation was formed in 2007 when the Animal Welfare Leagues of New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia and Queensland united to become Animal Welfare League Australia. Dogs Homes of Tasmania joined AWLA in 2010 as did SAFE Inc (South Australia) in 2014. Collectively the AWLA organisations have more than 300 years of combined experience in caring for animals in need.

For more information and shelter locations visit awla.com.au



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