10 Tips on Moving with Pets

Are you planning on moving house? Relocating is a stressful event for you and your pets. Here are 10 tips on moving with pets from Ross Shetman, CEO at Long Distance Moving…


10 Tips on Moving with Pets


So the decision has been made and you already know when and where to you are moving. You may be happy about this change but, unfortunately, your pets may be not. With all the racket going on in the house – packing, disassembling the furniture and so on – your pets can become anxious and even ill.

To keep them calm and comfortable, follow these simple tips.

1. Make a visit to your vet

It’s always a good idea to check upon your pet’s health before making a big move. Schedule an hour of your time to take pets to the vet. Tell the vet you will be moving and ask for a mild sedative to calm the pet down during a stressful transportation. Make sure you know the correct dosage and understand how to apply the sedative.

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10 Tips on Moving with Pets

2. Collect all documentation and certificates

Proof that your pet is healthy is essential. Vaccination certificates are one of the most important papers to have, so don’t forget to ask for a copy of these records from your vet.

3. Get a “pet kit” ready

Before the moving day, make sure to collect everything you might need for your pet on the road: food, fresh water, toys, medicine and the like. Keep it accessible so you can fetch it whenever you need.

4. Take care of a carrier

A carrier for your pet must be large enough to accommodate it as well as well-ventilated. Put some soft cloth inside so your pet can curl up and sleep. Guinea pigs are most comfortable in warm carriers so consider that too.

10 Tips on Moving with Pets

5. Book pet-friendly hotels

If you’re planning to stay in a hotel for a night or two, make sure this is a pet-friendly hotel. You wouldn’t like to leave them alone in the car for the whole night.


6. Airport traveling requires additional arrangements

It’s best to contact your airline directly and find out their rules on the pet transportation. Note that you may be required to provide the vet records for your pets so prepare that in advance. Also, ask if any additional fees are involved so you can account for them in your relocation budget.

10 Tips on Moving with Pets

7. Prepare ID tags

Anything can happen in a hustle and bustle of a stressful moving day. Your pet can run away or get lost. Create ID tags with your name and contact details as well as your pet’s name so someone can get in touch with you. Let’s hope nothing will happen but you will feel safer if you take this necessary precaution.

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8. Act normal on a moving day

Pets feel the mood of their owners. If you are stressed, so are they, so try to act normally on a moving day. The more screaming and shuffling goes on in a house, the more nervous the pet can become and so can react unpredictably. It’s best to put the pet in a quiet room so all arrangements can be made without freaking it out.


9. Getting used to the new place

Carefully examine your new place and see if there’s any chance the pet might escape. Again, animals can act unpredictably given the stressful circumstances so it’s a good idea to check that they will not escape or hurt themselves with anything.

10 Tips on Moving with Pets

10. Give more treats

It’s been a hard time for both of you. Give your pet its favorite treats and allow anything it likes doing. Your pet deserves lots of love for being such a comfort to you during all these years!


About the author
Ross Shetman is LongDistanceMoving.com CEO. LDM is an online platform to connect movers with clients. Ross has 10+ year experience of working in the moving industry. He has helped many families moving with pets and can answer any questions about moving!


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