Children talk to their pets

Talking to our pets can help our psychological health

Do you talk to your pet? Admit it! We all talk to our pets, don’t we? Most of us announce “Dinner” or “Walkies”! Some of us really have heart to hearts with our canine or feline companions. And research reveals that this may be good for us. Confiding in your dog can help release stress.…

Dog anxiety and aggression may be genetic

Dog anxiety and aggression may be genetic

If you have a dog that is a bit of a scaredy dog or even bares his teeth, this may interest you. New research is making discoveries about dog anxiety and dog aggression and now this knowledge might even help with human anxieties… Dog aggression is a problem As we know, dog aggression can be…

Talking Pets radio show with Dr Jo Righetti

Talking lifestyle… Talking Pets

Are pets part of your lifestyle? If you can’t imagine a life without pets, then I guess they are. And you may be interested in my venture beginning this week… Talking Lifestyle, Talking Pets The Talking Pets radio show will be part of the new line up on programs at Radio 2UE. Rebranded as a…

Cat litter tray cleaning

5 Benefits of an Automatic Cat Litter Box

Cleaning your cat’s litter tray is not one of the most pleasant tasks of pet parenthood, yet, for most of us, it’s a necessary one. I’ve asked Diane Hutchinson of Tipaw to discuss with us the benefits of an automated cat litter box.   5 Benefits of an Automatic Cat Litter Box These days, we…

Camping cats

Cat camping: Amazing Tips for Going on a Camping Adventure With Your Cat

Taking your pet on holiday with you is a treat but it can be hard work. Can you imagine camping with your cat? Yes, it is possible and with these tips from our guest blogger Louise from TheAdventureLand, cat camping is a definite possibility. Enjoy your vacation with your cat! Jo Cat camping: Amazing Tips for…

The Secret Life of Pets Premiere

Pet Q&A podcast

Listen to my latest podcast on Radio 2UE, answering pet behavior questions and talking about The Secret Life of Pets Movie. Questions include taming a rabbit, a biting rat, a cat who is shaking their head and more…   And some photos from the movie premiere…

Which human foods can dogs eat?

Just what human foods can dogs eat?

What do you feed your dog? If you’re like me, you will love that commercially available diets are available. This takes the thinking and headaches out of preparing a healthy, balanced canine diet. Even though I base my dog and cats’ diets on Super Premium pet food (nothing but the best for my pets), there…

Most tweeted dog emojis

National Dog Day has gone to the Dog-Emojis

Do you use emojis? Friday 26th August is #NationalDogDay! But as dog lovers know, any day is a dog day. A reason to celebrate our canine companions. And it seems we are not averse to adding dogs into everything we do. Are you guilty of using doggy emojis in your communications – emails, tweets, facebook posts?…

Greyhounds make 'greyt' pets: Ask the Experts

Greyhounds make ‘greyt’ pets: Ask the experts

Greyhounds make ‘greyt’ pets! Australia’s canine experts are in agreement that a Greyhound can be a fantastic pet. Here are some highlights of what they have to say. Scroll down for their full expert opinion… Dr Jonica Newby, ABC Catalyst, science writer, broadcaster and former veterinarian “During my early training as a veterinarian I had the great privilege…

Dr Jo with cat behaviour Q&As

Cat Q&As

Cat toileting… Cat attacks… Cat fun… Cat litter box issues… Well, I had some fun today with my 3 (8 month old) kittens. I took them into the Purina office and together, we answered cat behaviour questions on Facebook LIVE. Well, the cats snoozed and had cuddles and I answered lots of questions. You can listen…

Cat Toileting Problems Solved Book with Litter Tray

Cat Toileting Problems Solved: Book Reviewers needed

Reviewers have now been selected. Stay tuned for publication details of this book. For a chance to receive a free copy, subscribe to Dr Jo’s website. My new book Cat Toileting Problems Solved has just been published! And I’m looking for reviewers… Cat Toileting Problems Solved is a solution for owners of cats with the most…

World Dog Expo 2017

World Dog Expo

Fancy attending the World Dog Expo? I do 🙂 Taking place in New York City, from June 9th to 11th 2017, this is a dog show for your diary! (For those of you who have attended the Dog Lovers Show in Australia, this 3-day World Dog Expo promises to be bigger, much bigger! The World Dog…

Pet Q&As with Dr Jo

Pet Q&As with Dr Jo

Pet Q&As with Dr Jo on Radio 2UE  This week’s broadcast includes a chat about the latest Choice report on cat food and questions about cats that pee, cats that wake you up at night and chicken coops. Enjoy! You can listen live at every Sunday at 12:30ish. More Q&As here More about Automatic Pet…

Auto pet feeder review

Pet Product Review: Automatic Pet Feeder with Recordable Message

Automatic Pet Feeder with Recordable Message Review & Tips for Using Automatic Feeders I talk to so many people whose pets, much to their displeasure, wake them up very early morning. This seems to be especially true for cat owners who are often awoken to a hungry meow or even a swat on their nose.…

Cat Toileting Problems Solved Book by Dr jo Righetti

Dimensions of dog petting: How positive interaction with your dog can be as beneficial as common forms of therapy

Can dogs really stop us eating chocolate? I recently met Kristin Finkbeiner, a PhD student at ISAZ, human-animal interactions conference in Barcelona. Kristin’s research immediately intrigued me as it involved dogs… and chocolate! Not dogs eating chocolate, as that would be bad. Instead looking at the positive effects dogs have on human stress levels. I…

Pets at work

Be a cat-alyst for change at your workplace: Pets at work

Thursday is Australian Pets at Work Day. Will you be taking your pet to work? If you regularly take your pet to work, you are one of the lucky employees. Although there are an estimated 3.6 million Aussie workers who share their workspace with a pet, at least on occasion, the majority of us still…

Pet-proof your garden

Pet-proof your garden

How to Pet-Proof Your Garden – An infographic by HomeAdvisor More reading Destructive pup Digging dogs  

Everybody listen - its pet time!

Pet Q&As with Dr Jo

Pet Q&As with Dr Jo on Radio 2UE  This week’s broadcast includes a chat with dog trainer Peta Clarke about the upcoming Sydney Dog Lovers Show. Pet Q&As include a grumpy old cat and a grumpy old dog. Listen here… Enjoy! And good news from last week’s show – a generous offer of help has come through…

Bengal Cat 'working' on Netbook :)

Famous Cats at Work

Is it really possible to take your cat to work? Yes, it is! And here are some famous cats at work to prove it (thanks to Euroffice)… Dates for your Diary: Australian Pets at Work Day – Thursday 4th Aug 2016 International Take Your Dog to Work Day – info here Famous office cats by…

Close up portrait of dog and cat in front of white background

Pet Q&As

Pet Q&As with Dr Jo on Radio 2UE  As you know, I answer pet owner questions about their cat’s and dog’s behaviour every week on Radio 2UE. Here is this Sunday’s broadcast… Enjoy! You can listen live at every Sunday at 12:30ish.

Do you view your dog as your child?

It’s LOVE! But does your dog love you, as much as you love your dog?

My recent Dog survey asked dedicated dog owners: 1.What is your dog, to you? Your child/baby? Your best friend? A sibling? a life partner? Or is your dog simply a pet? 2. And how do you think your dog views you? A parent? A best mate? A sibling? A life partner? Or simply a source of food?  …

Choosing a pet - tips and guides

10 Ways to Choose a Pet

A collection of resources to help you make a wise choice about pet ownership

K9 Scent Scramble with Luka - Photo by Pinnicle Photography

K9 Scent Scramble

The K9 Scent Scramble™ is a whole new ball game! For your dog! And it’s coming to Australia. But just what is it? Well we all know that dogs have superb noses and that many love to chase toys. Well, put these two together and add a large dose of fun and you have the K9…

Dr Kate Mornment Anima Behaviourist

Assessing shelter dog behaviour to determine adoption suitability: Meaningful or misleading?

I have asked Dr Kate,a newly graduated PhD animal behaviourist, of Pets Behaving Badly, to tell us a little about her PhD findings. This will interest anyone concerned with shelter dogs and behaviour assessments…   Assessing shelter dog behaviour to determine adoption suitability: Meaningful or misleading? By Dr Kate Mornement Like many of you, I’m an…

Top tips for photographing your pet

5 Top Tips for Photographing Your Pet

If you are familiar with pet photography, then you probably know that various challenges need to be overcome to get the perfect shot. People share a deep relationship with their pets, which unfortunately is not accurately portrayed unless the photographer is an expert with the camera, and even then the result is not guaranteed. Most…

Free Pet Ebooks for dog and cat lovers

Complimentary pet ebook for cat and dog lovers

I have a gift for Pet Problems Solved friends – a complimentary ebook… All you need to do is subscribe to my website and you will receive a link to your free copy of either my cat or dog ebook (or both, if you love both cats and dogs). These ebooks features a set of…

pet ownership internationally

Pet ownership internationally

How does your country rank in pet ownership?   Over half of people internationally have at least one pet. Which, I guess, is not surprising to us pet lovers! Well, according to global data recently gathered by GFK, if you live in Latin America, chances are that you definitely have a pet, with 80 percent of…

The cost of having and caring for a dog

The Cost of Having and Caring for a Dog

Pets can be expensive. I would hate to calculate how much I spend on mine! But it is sensible to budget for your pet’s daily needs and the unexpected. Our guest blogger Alex Khan has done just that, calculating the cost of owning a dog and you might find the results interesting… (Let us know…

Pets in the Park by Linda Warlond - Clique Photography Sydney

Pets in the Park

Pets in the Park is a fabulous initiative, set up by one of my favourite vets Dr Mark Westman. Pets in the Park helps homeless people and their pets in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. I have spoken with one of their recipients (I find it hard to walk past a homeless person in the street when…

Style for dogs on Dr Jo's Blog

Design for dogs

Design for dogs?: How stylish is your home? How stylish is your home? You have pets and think you need to forget all about style! Think again. There are so many options now to bring style into your home with gorgeous pet furniture. Which of these would you like for your dog? Design For Dogs…

Creative Canine Fitness [Infographic] on Dr Jo's Blog

Creative Canine Fitness

We all know – or we should know – that dogs need exercise. Without it, they create their own fun fitness schedule. Time for you to look at Creative Canine Fitness! Here is a lovely infographic that gives you some suggestions on how to exercise your canine companion… Thanks to Dog Clippers Ireland for this…

pets in apartments, strata law changes, dr jo's blog

NSW Strata Changes in Pet Laws

Do you live in an apartment with your pet? If you have lived successfully in an apartment with your pet, I’d love to hear from you. What do you think makes it work? Are there any difficulties? NSW are revising their Strata Laws and this affects pet owners and those people who live in strata…

Happy Mother's Day from Dr Jo

Best Animal Mothers

Happy Mother’s Day! To all you mothers of human or fur kids. This is a special day. The animal kingdom has many kinds of mothers and some of them are very special. Here’s a selection of truly great mummies… 

Tidy Cats litter review

Tidy Cats

Tidy Cats: Cat Litter by Purina, product launch and review Don’t you love a day at work when you get to cuddle kittens and wear cat ears? I do!   I’m always on the lookout for products and routines that ease the routine of cleaning the cat litter tray. It’s a job that no one…

Guide dog

Respect my uniform: Guide dog etiquette

Respect My Uniform: Guide Dogs NSW/ACT urges community to not distract working dogs in harness Each day, members of the public place the safety of Guide Dog handlers at risk by patting, feeding and interacting with Guide Dogs, tasked with assisting those who are blind or vision impaired to independently get to where they need…

create catmosphere in your home

Create cat-mosphere within your home

I love cat spaces. When I do private consults in people’s homes, I am always spotting things that they could do to make their homes more cat-friendly. This is not simply for design and style but to make your cat happier, thereby reducing stress and unwanted scratching and peeing!! Here are some great ideas for…

Crazy Cat Man

No more crazy cat ladies! Maybe there are crazy cat men?

This article was first published in the Pet Industry News and is reprinted with their kind permission.  Australia’s cat people: a special breed The stereotype of the ‘crazy cat lady’ is so entrenched in western culture, there’s even a crazy cat lady character on The Simpsons. But the latest findings from Roy Morgan Research show that…

Your dog may miss you while you are away on holiday

Going Away? What About the Dog!

We love our pets but one of the biggest drawbacks of pet ownership is what to do when it’s holiday time! Have you ever considered a dog minder for your dog? Or even becoming a dog minder yourself (great for people who don’t want a dog fulltime!). I’ve asked Find a Dog Minder to let…

man's best friend is getting smaller

Man’s best friend is getting smaller: The trend for smaller dogs

Australians are choosing small dogs over larger breeds. New research by University of Sydney researchers has shown that Australian pedigree dog lovers are choosing pugs and bulldogs over Labradors and German Shepherds. The problem with small dogs So just why are these smaller dogs in favour? After all, these brachycephalic breeds – with shorter and wider heads…

Prevent Parvovirus in Your Dog

Guest post: A Guide to Parvovirus in Dogs

Parvovirus is a highly contagious viral disease affecting dogs and can lead to an untimely death of very young dogs. Learn what this disease is and how to prevent it…

Canine Learning Theory

Teaching your dog: Which learning style do you use?

How do you train your pet? [su_highlight background=”#b8deb3″][su_highlight background=”#ddd8d2″]Dr Jo explains training/teaching and learning styles in a simple, easy to understand manner. And encourages owners to use positive reinforcement…[/su_highlight] Do you train your pet? The answer is yes you do, whether you are aware of it or not. Pets are always learning. They learn what…

australian pet bloggers

Aussie pet bloggers

Do you have a pet blog? [su_highlight background=”#ddd8d2″]I am keen to find out pet blogs in Australia (and New Zealand).[/su_highlight] This can be any sort of blog, as long as you are updating it regularly. It may be a stand-along blog or part of your website. It may be on another topic entirely but you like…

pet insurance

Pet insurance companies: We need your help!

Dr Jo discusses her on-going search for pet insurance… and needs some help!  Are you an Australian insurance company? Can you help Dr Jo & other pet owners? Are you a pet owner? Do you have pet insurance and love it? Pet insurance update As many of you know, I have been researching pet insurance…

New kittens settling in at home

Introducing 3 new Righetti kittens

Life is PERFECT! I have kittens! (You may like to turn your speakers/volume up and listen!)   As you know, last year we said goodbye to two of our cats – so sad. We waited until son returned from studying in the US (on Friday), to think about adding a new kittens – or two-…

How to incude your dog in your wedding photos

Ways to Include your Dog in your Wedding Photos

Are you planning a wedding? And are you planning to have your dog at your wedding? Well, these tips from our guest blogger Linda Halabi, for including your dog in your wedding photos is sure to please every bride and groom… Dr Jo (wishing I could get married again!!) Photo source: Planning a wedding and…

Jo with Rove & Sam


Did you cuddle an UberPuppy?     The day that #UberPUPPIES came to town was a biggie! If you had a snuggle with an UberPuppy, you were definitely one of the lucky ones. Even if you didn’t manage a precious snuggle, you probably heard all the hype.   UberPUPPIES came to town last Thursday. In…

Dog survey

Dog Survey

Your Dog and You? I would love to know more about the lives of dedicated dog owners and their dogs. This will help me in my work, helping pet owners understand their pets and the human-animal relationship. Survey I have a survey for DOG OWNERS to take. It’s great if you are a dedicated dog owner…

Cat adventures on Dr Jo's Blog

Cat Adventures: Getting Your Cat (and Yourself) Out of the House

Our guest post is from Emily Parker, from Catalogical, who tells us about her cat adventures. My advice is definitely to start small – the back garden is good. I met a couple once who were permanently touring Australia in their caravan – with their cat! Love that idea!  I’d be interested to know if you…

Who loves us more: cats or dogs?

Cats vs Dogs: Who loves you more?

Dogs may love us more than cats, recent tests show? Do you agree? But you might be surprised to learn the most loving animal of them all…

Do canine siblings=littermate syndrome?

Canine siblings: 2 dogs from the same litter?

Two dogs can equal double trouble! Especially when you adopt them from the same litter… or so most experts say. But is adopting canine siblings always a disaster? I have had several family members, friends and clients recently who have taken on two dogs at once, which prompted me to consider this commonly perceived condition… Why…

top pet photos

Top 20 pet photos

Love a pet pic? Everyone loves a pet photo! Some of us can spend hours pouring over photos of our own and other people’s pets. My Pinterest OUR PETS board, a group board, is one of the largest digital collection of pet photos on the net! Favourite pet photos Here are the top 20 pet photos,…

do you travel with your pets?

Aussie pets are jet set pets

Aussie pets are jet set pets! Most pet owners would like to take their pet on holiday with them…

wedding invitation

An Un-fur-gettable Wedding – Between a Cat and a Dog!

What happens when an unlikely, but inseparable set of best fur-ends decide to tie the knot? Guest post by Veronica Morland, founder of Sydney Cat Café Last December, Sydney’s animal loving community was treated to one of the most unique union ceremonies the world has ever seen. Two star-crossed lovers, Bentley the feline and Charlie…

Ginger Righetti

Goodbye Ginger

I should be celebrating. But I am not. Not yet… Today I leave for a month’s holiday with my family. A much needed break and time spent together. Well, minus son no. 1 who is staying at home to look after pets. (No parties please!) I am off with son no. 3, to see son…

holiday pet care and insurance

Holiday pet planning: don’t fur-get to prepare!

Planning a holiday? Here’s some great advice and tips from Compare Insurance… Holidays are best when the whole family can get together and enjoy the trip, but what about those members of the family who walk on all fours and are covered with fur? With the Christmas break just weeks away you may have considered…

SureFeed pet feeder

Be sure of what your pet eats: SureFeed pet feeder review and giveaway

PLEASE NOTE: This competition has now ended but read on for more into on the SureFeed… Do you have to monitor what your pet eats or drinks? Does your pet need to eat a specific diet (eg. prescription or weight-loss diet)? Do you have more than one pet and have to ensure each gets enough food?…

pets & pest control: rats

Pest Control Tips for Pet Owners

Pets….love them. Pests… loathe them! Trying to get rid of the latter while keeping the former safe can be a worry for pet owners. Here Brie Moreau give us some tips on pest control. Very useful! Pets & Pest Control Pets are lots of fun to have around, and as a pet owner you are…

Dogs locked in cars, NRMA on Dr Jo's Blog

Dogs locked in cars

      In the past 12 months National Roads & Motorists’ Association (NRMA) patrols across NSW and the ACT have rescued almost 2,500 young children accidentally locked in cars, a 16 per cent increase over the last four years. There has also been an 88 per cent increase of pets’ accidently locked in cars…

Worldwide Houzz Survey

Houzz pets

Have you ever renovated your home with your pets in mind? Well, if so, you are not alone. It seems that lots of pet owners are considering their pets in everything they do around their home. Traditional Hall by Roswell Photographers Barbara Brown Photography Houzz recently conducted their first-ever survey of how pet owners around the…

Smiling dog, Dravuni Island, Fiji

South Pacific Cruising

Lucky me! 16 nights cruising the South Pacific!   Visiting Norfolk Island, Tonga (Vava’u & Nuku’alofa), Fiji (Suva, Port Denarau and Dravuni Island) and New Caledonia (Noumea). My P&O cruise followed the route of the Bounty, fortunately we had no mutiny on board this time. What I love about cruising… Getting to visit places that I have…

Arthritis infographic

5 Signs of Arthritis in Dogs & Cats: Infographic

Arthritis… such a common affliction in our pets, especially those more mature ones. Learn more about arthritis in our pets in this infographic, courtesy of Dr David Lonergen and Gordon Vet…   Click here to view bigger image Courtesy of Author Bio: Dr David Loneragan David grew up and still lives locally and has…

moving home with pets infographic: Dr Jo's blog

Moving home with pets: Infographic

Are you planning to move house? Always a stressful event but these tips should make it a lot less stressful for your pets. Thanks to Taylor’s Relocations for this infographic.     Have you moved home with your pets? What are your tips for making this as stress-free as possible?

Can a dog remain healthy on a vegan diet?

I often get asked if pets can remain healthy on a vegan or vegetarian diet. The answer is… Your cat needs meat but your dog… well, vet Serena Thomson to explain in this guest post… Can a dog remain healthy on a vegan diet? Many die hard vegetarians feel quite squeamish when feeding meat to…

raptors: risks to pets

Wildlife Risks to Pets to Watch Out For

Guest post by Jordan Walker… Is your cat an indoor or outdoor cat? Outdoor cats face risks, from cars, dogs and other animals, including wildlife. Here are some of the risks our cats (all around the world) face. Jordan Walker has always been passionate for animals. He loves to share his knowledge and expertise about…

Dr Jo's chickens

Introducing my newest family members…

The newest Righetti family members… and there are 5 of them! Mary (aka Mrs Sussex), Aggie, Pom Pom, Isa and ‘yet to be named’ (but it will have something to do with Chelsea FC!) And yes, they are chickens! Last weekend we set up our chicken coop. Sorry, our chicken mansion, palace, homestead or whatever…

Take Your Dog to Work Day: Pet Problems Solved

Take Your Dog to Work Day

Friday June 26th is International Take Your Dog to Work Day Will you be taking your dog – or other pet- to work? Have you ever taken your pet to work? I know some of you will be thinking ‘No way! I’d never get any work done!” Yet, research shows that workplaces with pets are…

Hot dogs and cool cats...

Cool Cats and Hot Dogs: Keeping your pet’s temperature stable at home

Cool Cats and Hot Dogs by Cast Iron Radiators 4u.

AWLA logo

Great work AWLA!

Ambassador to Animal Welfare League Australia, Dr Jo celebrates the work AWLA are doing

bulldog paw ball

Pet paw test: How to determine if your pet is left- or right pawed?

Is your pet left-pawed or right-pawed? Animals can be left-pawed, right-pawed or show no preference at all. Check out which is most likely. Then test your pet (pet paw tests below). Factors which can influence how your pet uses their paws: Disability or arthritis may mean your pet uses other limbs in preferences to their naturally preferred…

cat paw play siamese

Your pet: Left or right-pawed? And your dog’s leg lifting habits?

Humans have a preference for which hand they favour but does your pet? What about your dog’s tail wagging or even their leg-lifting habits?

better with pets cushion zazzle

Better with Pets (Shopping for the pet lover)

I love to wear items of clothing, shoes and jewellery that celebrate pets. A t-shirt with a dog on it, cat earrings or pawprint shoes. Now it’s got to the stage that when I don’t wear any pet-related item, people are disappointed! Plus my house is full of decor with pet themes. Animal print, cat ornaments,…

mew wine

Wine Dogs & Wine Cats

Two of my favourite things in life are pets and wine! When you have a glass of wine in your hand an a pet on your knee, what could be more perfect?! So, I thought I’d like to share a few of my favourite wine (with pets) items with you… A few years back I…

Training Chilli

Dog park personalities (of the human kind)

Do you visit dog parks? What sort of dog park personality are you? I often visit parks with my dog Chilli and love to observe people and their dogs. It seems to me that they fall into one of these four types… (Please don’t feel offended by my descriptions 😉   Dog Park Personality 1: A…


Clicker training: for ALL animals

Did you know that you can apply clicker training to most animals? Perhaps, though, you are not sure what clicker training actually is. I often get asked by dog owners just how clicker training works. They are very surprised when I tell them that it’s not just dogs that can be trained… Yes, even birds…

cats shelf

Cats in small spaces: Studio, apartment, condo & small home enhancements for our feline friends

Ahhh – the life of a pampered pussycat… How much space do you have in your home? Not a lot? Most cats don’t require too much space. After all, they sleep up to 80% of their day away. Snoozing requires a comfortable lap/ bed/sofa/sunny spot and little else. If you have more than one cat…

Happy Mothers Day

Best Animal Mothers (Happy Mother’s Day)

Who are the best animal mothers? Well I guess it depends on how you look at the animal kingdom. Is it the mum who bears the longest pregnancy, or gives birth to the largest or heaviest baby or suffers the longest parental care? Or is it the mother who passes the entire care on to others. You…

periscope dr jo

Up Periscope: Dr Jo joins more social networks

Periscope  I’ve just joined Periscope. What’s Periscope? Well you record live videos and interact with people who are watching. And they can give you hearts (by tapping the screen) when they like what they see. And who doesn;t like watching pets?!? As usual, when you begin, you have no idea where you are going with…

tech for your pets

Tech for your Pets (Greyhounds as Pets inspired)

  More and more technology is available these days, both to help our pets and to help us connect with our pets. Here is a lovely infographic, designed by Greyhounds as Pets NSW, a rescue organisation for greyhounds. If you are looking for a dog, why not consider one from GAP. Here are some ideas of tech for…


How to find a puppy (Puppy farm check)

Are you looking for a puppy but want to avoid a puppy farmed one? This infographic will help you…

Best in Show

Best in Show?

Ever wondered what it’s like to have a show dog? I spoke with young competitor Shannon Barden and his dog Murphy about competing for coveted title Best In Show…

Leo obituary

Goodbye Leo

Saying goodbye to your pet is never easy. Saying goodbye to our BIG cat Leo has been heartbreaking…

Green pets: eco-friendly ideas

Eco-friendly pet ideas

I, like many other people, like the idea of being as green and environmentally friendly as possible in all that I do. So it makes sense to consider these options for pets too. This guest post comes from Melissa Stevens, a healthy lifestyle and environmentally friendly living enthusiast, as well as being an animal lover.…

nose for good pet insurance

A nose for great cover: What to look out for when purchasing pet insurance

This guest post comes from and gives pet owners some helpful hints when choosing pet insurance. We often look at what pet insurance covers but we fail to spot what it doesn’t cover. This can be costly. If you are taking out pet insurance for the first time or renewing your insurance, make sure you…

Girl walking the dog

Should children walk dogs?

Do you let your children walk the dog? People often ask at what age a child is able to walk the dog. Here are my tips and suggestions for children walking dogs…


Let sleeping dogs lie: infographic

Let sleeping dogs lie! dogs take sleeping very seriously…


How to get pets to take their medicine

View image | We all know it can be difficult for our pets to take their medicine. They squirm. They refuse to swallow. They spit out a tiny tablet halfway across the room. Even when you disguise it in food, they somehow manage to sniff it out and eat around it! Pill poppers can…

Cats in bed, Dr Jo's blog

Cat bed or your bed: infographic

Cats like to share the bed with their humans. Not all humans enjoy the nightly activity of their cat…

elf cat face

Merry Christmas from Dr Jo & Pets

bulldog xmas

Everyone loves a Xmas pet photo…

If you loves pets and you love Christmas, then you’ll love my Santa Paws board on Pinterest Follow Dr Jo Righetti’s board SANTA PAWS on Pinterest. Join me at Santa Paws or pin your pet’s photo on OUR PETS (Group Board) Merry Christmas Everyone to You and Your Pets xx


Cat treats vs poison

Here’s a fun way to look at the good and bad food for cats. Let’s keep our feline friends healthy…


Dogs tuned into our emotions

Recent studies show that dogs are more tuned into our speech and emotions than we previously knew… Does your dog listen to every word you say? Mine does. Chilli dog appears to hang on my every word, cocking her head adorably to one side, giving me more attention than any one of my family and…

chilli pyramid treat dispenser

What your dog really thinks about you, MRI scans reveal

It must be love? As a dog owner you most likely love your dog. And you most likely hope that your dog loves you. But can we really know if our dogs truly love us? Until now we have only had our ability to read our dog’s body language and facial expressions to determine if…

Pet insurance or not?

Pets are priceless

Is your pet priceless? How much money do you spend on your pet? How much would you be willing to spend? #103321870 /   Pet spending Most pet owners don’t tally up what we spend on our pets, which is probably a good thing, as we might get a shock at our food, vet…

war dog

Paws to remember the dogs of war

Today is Remembrance Day. Not only should we remember the soldiers who fought for us, but also the many animals who also played an important role. #510645965 / Dogs were trained to use gas masks. Some dogs alerted soldiers to the presence of gas long before humans could detect it. Dogs had a vital part…

horse race

Horse talk: do horses enjoy the race that stops a nation?

Author’s note: this blog post is not intended to be contentious or to criticise the horse racing industry but merely to stimulate thought and debate – Can we improve the life of horses? Can we place a bet on the winning horse? The race that stops a nation This week in Australia we will stop…


Cat circles: the irresistible new trend

How irresistible is a circle to your cat?! We all know cats love to sit in boxes. Any box will do – big or small, our pussycats and our wild cats love them… Now there is a new trend on the internet emerging for cats… cats in circles. It appears that cats find a circle irresistible. Draw…

Pet insurance or not?

Pet Insurance: Please share your experience

I know I need to have pet insurance. After my recent veterinary expenses for my cat Leo, it is the only sensible thing to do for the future health of my pets… I am currently doing research on pet insurance  companies, types of insurance, level of cover and so on. To help me, I would…

Pet proof your home infographic on dr jo's blog

Pet-proof your home: infographic safety tips

Infographics are everywhere on the web these days. Most are fun but many also have an important message. Here’s one with safety tips for your pets around your home… Simple Pet Safety Tips for Your Home – An infographic by the team at

dog treat-vs-poison

Dog treats vs poison: pet health infographic

  Here’s a fun way to look at the good and bad food for dogs. Let’s keep our dogs healthy… Cat treats vs poison  


The Chilli-mobile: dogs ‘n’ cars

This week marked the arrival of the ‘Chilli-mobile’. In other words, my new car – the K9 Cabriolet… Cars, new or otherwise, are probably not Chilli dog’s favourite mode of transport. The canine constitutional is certainly the preferred pursuit of my loyal canine companion. Chills will, however, readily hop into the back seat of my…

Home decorating ideas for pets

Pet-Proof Your Home in Style with These Eight Simple Decorating Tips

Is your home stylish? Or has it gone to the dogs – and cats?! Do you need some useful tips on decorating your home with pets in mind? Thanks to my guest Jennifer Lutz, here are eight simple suggestions that will help you create your stylish home… #151350785 / Decorating dreams are often limited by…


Dogs are jealous

Can dogs be jealous? Many dog owners believe that their dog experiences jealousy. They may be jealous of another dog that the owner is giving attention to, jealous of the family cat, even jealous of a baby. Until now, there has been no definitive answer as to whether dogs are able to feel jealous. Now,…

Strata Paws

The difference between cat & dog owners

Infographic from Entirely Pets   More reading? Cat vs dog people Dogs are smarter than cats… or are they?

climbing shelves

Pet furniture: ideas for our furry friends

Hands up – who designs their home decor around their pets? I know I do. Places my pets can sit. Shelves for my cats to lounge on. A scratching post to trip over! I’ll bet I’m not alone. Many pet owners like to consider their cats, dogs and other creatures when they design their homes…

cat fishing2

Apps for pets – which are the must have apps?

Just like the rest of us, pets have now joined the age of technology! Just as it seems there is an app for everything we do, there are now apps for our pets too – to help us with their care, their issues or simply to have fun! Here are a few of my favourite…

cat home design

What if you let a cat design your home

Here’s fun look at how cats would design your home, given the opportunity! Thanks Terry Fabrics for this… What if you let a cat design your home by Terrys Fabrics. So what feline-friendly features would your cat design in your home? Check out Dr Jo’s website for 10 tips on keeping cats happy at home and lots…

This is Sammy, who I adopted 17 years ago!

Why you should adopt a pet

Guest post  Adoption should be on every potential pet owner’s radar. Here, LisaFimberg from Petpav takes us through her thoughts on why we should all consider pet adoption. What do you think?   Why You Should Adopt a Pet! When you are ready to bring a dog, cat, guinea pig or even rabbit into your…

Leo lying on Lui

Cat scratching – a stylish occupation

Does your cat scratch your furniture? Cat like to scratch. Watching them stretch their paws out, then alternatively drag each extended paw back, claws to the fore… over your best lounge suite is not as enjoyable for cat owners. Yet, cats continue to scratch furniture even when we provide scratching posts.        …

Big Man1

Nicknames for pets

I love that we give our pets nicknames. As if choosing a name is not enough. We then need to shorten it, lengthen it or adapt it to suit our whims. Nicknames often take over as the preferred name for our pets. So how do we choose these nicknames? To understand how nicknames are given,…

pug birthday

Happy Birthday to your pet

Do you celebrate your pet’s birthday? It seems that many of us dedicated pet owners do. In fact, 64% of pet owners who answered my survey* said they liked to celebrate their pet’s birthday and almost as many (61%) bought a present for their pet. This pet pressie purchasing increased even more at Christmas time…

© Fotograf77 Dreamstime Stock Photos

Do As I Do: Dog training the effective way

Do As I Do may be the new best way of training your dog – a method that dogs want to use – and is proving to be more effective at training dogs, especially where complex commands or behaviour patterns are required. So what is ‘Do As I Do’? Well, believe it or not, most…

AWLNSW custody pup

Boys in custody help care for young pups

The Animal Welfare League NSW is delighted with the early success of a project involving boys at Reiby Juvenile Justice Centre, Western Sydney, in fostering and training young dogs. Reiby is a Juvenile Justice Centre catering for boys under 16 both on remand and control orders – offering them health, education and training in work…

A Pet’s New Year resolutions

Happy New Year If your pet could dream up New Year’s resolutions, would they go something like this?… A Pet’s New Year’s Resolutions A Pet Owner’s New Year’s Resolutions I will be fed on demand. Ad lib. Freely available. At all times. NOW I will stick to a healthy diet. I will lose weight. My…

stray dog by dan

Guest post: Leash or No Leash – Are you Pro or Against!

If you walk your dog, you probably have a strong opinion about whether it is best, or easiest, on or off the lead.  Here our guest author, Melianie Cho, discusses the pros and cons of dog leashes… Leash or No Leash – Are you Pro or Against! Many people consider using a dog leash to…

elf cat face

Festive food fears for furry friends

Christmas is a time for indulgence – for humans! Our pets, however, do not fare well with the rich foods that we may indulge in and some of our favourites can even be fatal for our cats and dogs. There are a number of common foods that can cause potentially fatal health complications for your…

David Darcy

Guest post: Tips for photographing your pets this Xmas with David Darcy

Need help in taking your pet’s photo this Xmas? These tips from pet photographer David Darcy will help you take great pet pics all year round.

Cats don’t come when called

Cat’s don’t come when called! But cat owners know that, don’t they? And still love their cats. New research from the University of Japan has put cats to the test. Do they actually hear their owners? Do they recognise us? Do they ignore us? Researchers played the sounds of strangers calling the cat’s name, then…

Purifie for pets: review

Pet product review: Purifie Smellzoff

Pet Product Review: Purifie Smellzoff Odour Absorber Dr Jo says “for pet owners who’d rather not smell their pets!” What is Purifie Smellzoff ? Purifie®SmellzOff™ is a fragrance free, safe and organic odour remover that is specially formulated to be use in the pets environment. While Purifie have products for odour removal within the home and…

Puppy farming attitudes

Australian attitudes to puppy farms

An Animal Welfare League Poll shows community demand for tighter regulation of puppy farms… The background Puppy farming may be one of Australia’s most pressing animal welfare issues. Also known as puppy factories or puppy mills, puppy farms often operate under inadequate conditions that fail to meet the dogs’ behavioural, social and/or physiological needs. These conditions…

Leo explores his new food toy

Pet product review: Pyramid treat dispenser for cats

Pet Product Review: Cat Pyramid Treat Dispenser Dr Jo says “time for cats to get working for food!” What is the Pyramid Treat Dispenser ? We all know about food dispensing toys for dogs – treat balls. Time for cats to work a little for their food. And have fun. The Pyramid Treat Dispenser is…

Pet product reviews: Dog Spinny

Pet Product Review: Dog Spinny   Dr Jo says “teach your dog new ways of having fun” What is the Dog Spinny ? The Dog Spinny is a fun toy which according to Purina Play Systems is “The perfect toy to stimulate and occupy your pet. Hide treats in the cavities under the rotating disk…


Leo’s blog

Does your pet have a blog? Ok, we pet lovers are a little crazy! But it means we love our pets! When Leo was little  (was Leo, the Maine Coon cat, ever little?!) I kept a diary of his activities. For a year I recorded all important milestones in his life. Milestones likes eating six…


Pet product review: Buster Dog Maze

The Buster Dog Maze is an entertaining and practical toy in the Purina Play Systems range. Animal behaviourist, Dr Jo, reviews this toy and offers…

touching cats

Can patting your cat stress them?

Can patting your cat stress them? Do you enjoy stroking your cat? Perhaps more importantly, does your cat enjoy it? Find out as Dr o explores new research on cats…

Do your dream of your dog helping you?

Dogs help us

Dogs help us… and now, we can help them  help us All dog lovers know that our dogs help us get through our day. They give us unconditional acceptance in a world where everyone judges us, including (or perhaps especially) our family and best friends. But the help our canine companions can offer can go…

connect with your pet

Pet product preview: Petziconnect

Would you like to connect with your pet while you are apart? Does your dog suffer from separation anxiety or your cat get bored? This new device might just solve these issues. Read more about the Petziconnect from Petzila and let me know what you think

Our dog choice is based on fashion

Dog owners are not choosing dogs based on health or behaviour. Instead their choice is based on fashion, on popularity. How did you choose your dog?

rosehip vital canine review

Pet product review: Rose-Hip Vital Canine

  Dr Jo says “Rose-Hip Vital Canine –  a new lease on life for dogs” . What is Rose-Hip Vital Canine? Rose-Hip Vital Canine is an anti-inflammatory supplement, made from rose-hip fruit, that may help your dog improve their health and behaviour. “Rose-Hip Vital Canine is for joint health and general wellbeing in active and ageing…

Jo & Chilli high

Subscribe to Pet Problems Solved

I have now added a subscription to my website Pet Problems Solved. I promise I won’t bombard you with emails cos I’m just as busy are you! If you’d like the latest pet information, news or special offers, please join me… Subscribe to Pet Problems Solved Thanks and I look forward to chatting you with…

Jo & black & white cat

Announcing my new role… AWLA Ambassador

I am very proud to announce my new role as Ambassador of Animal Welfare League Australia…  . MEDIA RELEASE . . Dr Joanne Righetti, Animal Behaviourist   FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Australia’s renowned animal behaviourist Dr Joanne Righetti has been appointed Ambassador of Animal Welfare League Australia (AWLA). Dr Jo will be advocating for the adoption…


Dog aggression problems solved?

Dog attacks continue to be in the news. So tragic 🙁 Every single dog bite is one too many and when someone, usually a child, loses their lives, the tragedy spreads far and wide, affecting families, animals, society. Governments act when a spate of attacks happen in close proximity. Often the reaction is a knee-jerk…


Pet product review: Hepper Pet Pod

Dr Jo reviews the Hepper Pet Pod, for cats with style! Yes, your cat can sleep in a cardboard box but if you want something more stylish, should you consider the Pet Pod? Here’s the animal behaviourist’s perspective on this pet product…

hepper pod bed

Pet Product Reviews

Pet products reviewed by Dr Jo, animal behaviourist…

Leopard & cub

Dr Jo’s safari highlights – Leopards

I was swapping little cats for big ones. Swapping my animal print home decor for real living animal coat patterns… watching Leopards. We heard about a leopard and her cub and raced off on an extra Safari trip to view them in a reserve near Lion Sands, where we were staying. What a beautiful sight…


Dr Jo on Safari

Destination: Kruger, South Africa. With White Rhino, Elephant, Zebra, Giraffe, Hippo, Buffalo, Lion, Leopard, Crocodile, Snakes, Baboons, Monkeys…. and up close encounters with Elephants, Lions and Leopards.

elephant & calf photo

Dr Jo’s safari highlights – Elephants

Every safari drive is different. You never know what you will encounter. You can drive for an hour seeing little or perhaps seeing hundreds of impala but little else. Then you turn a bend and there is a zebra crossing. Yes, literally, zebras are crossing the road in front of you! Elephants are magnificent creatures…

Clyde Righetti 
Feb 1992 - Feb 2013

Goodbye Clyde

Yesterday I said goodbye to my cat Clyde. The final goodbye. Clyde was 21 years old. An old man. An old cat with a big personality. As Clyde aged, he lost his hearing, his ability to jump but he never lost his love of food, a cuddle or his sense of smell, especially if anyone was…

dr jo on pinterest

Pet pics on Pinterest

  Do you love to look at pics of pets? How about sharing your pet pics with other pet lovers? I have set up a Pinterest board for you to share your pet pictures and any other photos of pets that you love. Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll see… Here’s what to do to…

chilli toy

Dogs & their toys

Does your dog play with toys? What makes a good dog toy? One which squeaks? One which rolls? One which can be retrieved? One which can be torn apart? Your dog may answer yes to all of these but you, the dog owner, may think differently. Perhaps you would like a toy that can’t be ripped…

Chilli as a puppy

Who is Chilli? DNA breed detection

Who is Chilli? Competition: Can you guess what sort of dog my dog Chilli is? Well Chilli is my dog but…. I’ve never really known what kind of dog she is. A pound special. What do you think she is? Chilli was rescued as a puppy, 3 years ago. From a tiny bundle of red…

Best cat video

Internet cat video film festival winner


Guest post: Pet Dental Health

Thanks to Pet Tech Australia for this guest blog post… Pet Dental Health August is Pet Dental Health month, and we at Pet Tech Australia would like to encourage all pet owners to take an active role in caring for their pets’ dental health, not just this month, but all year long. Did you know…

Pet Problems Solved website

Dog behaviour ebooks now available

      Dog owners required to review ebooks     I am excited to announce my new series of pet behaviour books is now available. These books aim to solve the various behaviour issues that commonly arise in our lives with our canine companions. These include: Dog Anxiety Problems Solved Dog Aggression Problems Solved…

Amsterdam dog sculpture

Pets welcome

My recent trip to Europe highlighted the difference between attitudes to our pets in public.

toilet roll kitten asleep

Pets in your toilet

Do you go to the toilet alone? Or does your pet accompany you?

Dog whisperer?

Saying sorry for our pet’s behaviour

Saying sorry for our pet’s behaviour I was reading an article today about two dogs that had attacked a horse. The owner of the dogs left the scene, without apologising. The horse’s owner is left with an injured horse and the vet bills. He would have liked the dog’s owner to say sorry. It got…

Leap year pets

Wouldn’t it be a good idea if we could use this day to benefit someone or something in need. Like walk a shelter dog. Or pat a cat.

is the bed free?

Pets in your bed

Do you sleep with your pet?
Lots of us do. Some of us feel guilty. Some of us just know it feels right. Some of us would not dream (pardon the pun) of doing so.
New research has show that sleeping with pets may be a risky business. Diseases such as cat scratch disease, plague, staphylococcus and more can be passed on.

Teenager & pup

Your dog, your baby

Do you treat your dog as if her or she is your baby?
Our dogs may be more like children that we previously believed. We nurture them from babies, we clean up after them, we forgive their indiscretions and we love them – just as we would a human child.

Fonz on arrival at AWL from puppy farm

Are puppy farm dogs stressed?

Canine commercial breeding establishments may adopt dogs out to homes once their production levels deteriorate. How do these dogs cope? A new study has looked at this and Dr Jo comments…


Dog meet dog, dog eat dog?

Did you know – your dog is more likely to threaten or attack a dog of the same gender, especially if the two owners are male? Your dog is also more likely to play with…

Has your pet helped you find love?

Your pet, your wingman?

Some pet owners have found true love through their pet. Many are using their dogs to get a date! Is your pet your wingman?

Clyde asleep with Umberto 2010

I’m shivering. Winter is here. And yes I know I’m a Scottish person living in Australia – I shouldn’t find it cold. I admit it. I am a wimp. I feel the cold. Perhaps that’s why I choose to live in a climate that is warm… most of the time. Winter in Sydney is cold,…

Smiling Indian street dog

Canines pronounced guilty… but are they?

Have you ever seen your dog with a guilty look on his face? I’m sure most of you have seen this video that is doing the rounds of social media, emails etc right now… where the Labrador has a “guilty look”. If not, watch this… There is no doubt, this dog is trying to express…


Dogs need transport too

What do you do with your dog when you travel? If you are flying interstate, do you fly your dog with you? Or, like most people, do you leave him at home? If you are travelling across your suburb, do you take your dog in the car? Or, do you leave her at home? Around…

Whispering… what’s the secret?

I am not a dog whisperer. Although many people like to refer to me in this way. I tend to take it as a compliment but then set the record straight. There is no whispering involved in what I do. in fact, I’m more likely to shout it out loud! Dog, or cat, whispering implies…

My canine cabin companion

In a watery canineless felineless world

OK – so I was cruising without any pets but… there are always ways of bringing cats and dogs into a canineless, felineless world. Not, however, the way that I was reading about… Having a chance to read a book or two while on board I had downloaded a novel of my favourite genre –…

Does your pet listen more than your partner?

Pets listen… but does your partner?

Who listens to you most? Your partner? Or is it your pet? A Purina Pet Study found that over half of Australian pet owners think their dog is a better listener than their partner. A staggering 64% of females agree with this. Less males at 48% but perhaps Aussie boys could learn a thing or…

Ginger & friends

Dogs are smarter than cats… or are they?

Dogs are smarter than cats. That’s the claim being made by researchers at Oxford University. Measuring the brain size of mammals has shown that there is a link between the size of an animal’s brain in relation to the rest of its body and how socially active it was. Over 500 species of living and…

Leo Righetti

How did you choose your pet’s name?

I am always intrigued by how people name their pets. Both what these names are and how the name was chosen. There are all sorts of ways to choose pet names including:   Ease of use: two syllables rather than one is meant to be easiest to call. Try it. A short one-syllable name such…

Tick, tick

No pet owner wants to find their pet paralysed. This happened to us on Sunday. Setting the scene Picking my husband up froom the airport early Sunday morning Looking after my neighbours dogs as well as my own pets and kids. Preparing for a 10 year olds’ birthday party Ok so life is busy. But something…



Kings & Queens of the pet world Cats make wonderful pets. They can be left at home all day, relatively peacefully. They fit into your couch potato lifestyle, most of the time. They like a snuggle. They aren’t noisy. It’s no wonder they are now the no.1 pet in many countries around the world. Just…

caged sad expression

Stirring up thoughts on pet shops and puppy farms

Today at Radio 2UE, I had to comment on puppy farms and pet shops – controversial topics in this day and age of pet ownership where pets are central to family life – adored, fashionable and – well, babied. People obtain their pets from all sorts of places – breeders, stores, shelters, friends. In my…

Rowan with Chilli

A celebration of kids and pets

Kids and pets go together. Yes, life would be simpler without either but the rewards from having them outweigh the disadvantages. Having both more than doubles the lifetime of pleasure at watching them interact. Pets like children. When brought up together, dogs and cats will actively seek out children to cuddle up to, to play…

Packing suitcase & Chilli

Welcome home

“Life’s good. Mum’s home!” Is this what my dog is thinking as I return home after a 3 week overseas trip? Or it is just my wishful thinking? What do your pets do when they meet you again after being separated? I returned home and as I opened the door my dog raced out to…

tech for your pets

If pets could blog…

  I wonder what they’d say? Perhaps along the lines of a diary… Monday: Day – Walk. Yippee! Sniffed 5 dogs, 3 males, 2 females. Enemies = 1. New playmates = 2. Home. Left alone ALL day. Snack: pot plant, watering system. Night: Mum home – dinner. Yippee! Kids home – snacks – 2 choc…

Dogs on holiday!!

Holidaying with pets

Having just written some tips for holidaying with pets, people keep telling me their holiday experiences. Some are tragic (not too many of those, hopefully) but most are funny. I thought it might be fun to share your holidaying with pets experiences. Where did you go? What pets accompanied you? How was the travel? Did the…

Twitter cat wedding

Why an animal behaviourist likes Twitter

1. The interesting friends I follow. Where else can I follow the conversations of a moose, a capybara, a gorilla, a gerbil and her mother?

is pet hair a problem?

Is pet hair the worst thing about pets?

People consider the shedding of hair to be the worst thing about pets. Can that be true?

Kids and pets go together

Top ten pets for kids

Kids and pets go together. A top ten of pets for children.