australian pet bloggers

Aussie pet bloggers

Do you have a pet blog? [su_highlight background=”#ddd8d2″]I am keen to find out pet blogs in Australia (and New Zealand).[/su_highlight] This can be any sort of blog, as long as you are updating it regularly. It may be a stand-along blog or part of your website.

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Jo with Rove & Sam


Did you cuddle an UberPuppy?     The day that #UberPUPPIES came to town was a biggie! If you had a snuggle with an UberPuppy, you were definitely one of the lucky ones. Even if you didn’t manage a precious snuggle, you probably heard all

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Dog survey

Dog Survey

Your Dog and You? I would love to know more about the lives of dedicated dog owners and their dogs. This will help me in my work, helping pet owners understand their pets and the human-animal relationship. Survey I have a survey for DOG OWNERS

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Dogs are jealous

Can dogs be jealous? Many dog owners believe that their dog experiences jealousy. They may be jealous of another dog that the owner is giving attention to, jealous of the family cat, even jealous of a baby. Until now, there has been no definitive answer

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Do your dream of your dog helping you?

Dogs help us

Dogs help us… and now, we can help them  help us All dog lovers know that our dogs help us get through our day. They give us unconditional acceptance in a world where everyone judges us, including (or perhaps especially) our family and best friends.

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is the bed free?

Pets in your bed

Do you sleep with your pet?
Lots of us do. Some of us feel guilty. Some of us just know it feels right. Some of us would not dream (pardon the pun) of doing so.
New research has show that sleeping with pets may be a risky business. Diseases such as cat scratch disease, plague, staphylococcus and more can be passed on.

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Tick, tick

No pet owner wants to find their pet paralysed. This happened to us on Sunday. Setting the scene Picking my husband up froom the airport early Sunday morning Looking after my neighbours dogs as well as my own pets and kids. Preparing for a 10 year

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Kings & Queens of the pet world Cats make wonderful pets. They can be left at home all day, relatively peacefully. They fit into your couch potato lifestyle, most of the time. They like a snuggle. They aren’t noisy. It’s no wonder they are now

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